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FuzziBunz vs. BabyKicks 1.0

How do the FuzziBunz and BabyKicks (1.0) compare? Absorbency: There is no competition here, the BabyKicks with the Joey-Bunz insert will far outsoak a FuzziBunz with its smaller microfiber insert. Dry-Feel: Again, no competition. This time the FuzziBunz comes out on top. The bamboo rayon inner of the BabyKicks is not a stay-dry layer; it &hellip Continue reading »

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Angie’s intro

Between the two of us, we’re interested in just about everything. I want to be up front about this, right from the start. We are the parents of two children, a boy and a girl. Our son, who shall hereafter be known as Boo, is 7 years old. Daughter Bug is just 6 months old. &hellip Continue reading »

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