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Fun Times with Obsessive People (aka The CD Playgroup)

I’ve noticed that for many people with a cloth diapering (CD) shop in their community, the shop quickly becomes the local hub of the CD community – much more than being just another retail location, it becomes a local source of information and support. Some of my favorites: Colorado Baby/Pampered Buns, in Grand Junction, CO &hellip Continue reading »

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How to turn your Prefolds into Fitteds

I just can’t do it – I can’t cut my blue-edge CPF’s. I really, really love my blue-edge CPF’s. CPF’s, for the uninitiated, are Chinese Pre Folded diapers. I just found out that I can’t even get these (exact) diapers anymore; Green Mountain Diapers shares that they’ve been discontinued. They’ve been so useful over the &hellip Continue reading »

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Back in Flat – Folding Diapers the “Old Fashioned” Way

There are a few of us around who remember using the original pinned diaper, the Flat Diaper, on our younger siblings. The art isn’t lost! This is not my video, but it’s so useful I want to share it. How to fold a cloth diaper (flat fold/flannel blanket) I remember my mom teaching me how &hellip Continue reading »

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Used Diaper Pricing

This is the “Already Loved Diaper Key” used by Colorado Baby/Pampered Buns, out of Grand Junction, CO. It’s the best one I’ve seen so far (and will soon be updated). Clicking on the chart will take you to a slightly bigger, more easily read version:

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What Goes In, Must Come Out, or, Treasure Hunting for Parents Continue reading »

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