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Peep Nests and Peep Science

  Peep Nests This use of Peeps is not so exciting nor so entertaining as the Dueling Peep Microwave Battle, but it’s probably more socially acceptable .   Tips: You can’t possibly use too much butter. Butter your hands, spoons, everything (EVERYTHING). This is going to be messy. While it’s important to work quickly, you &hellip Continue reading »

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The year Dad ran over the Rabbit.

Dad is a truck driver. A long-haul driver for most of my childhood, he was often unable to make it home on the day everyone else celebrated a holiday. We therefore became accustomed, over the years, to writing letters to Santa and the Easter Bunny:   Did I mention my dad drives a BIG truck? &hellip Continue reading »

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Care Packages and Reverse Care Packages

Deployed service members have limited access to a lot of the little things we take for granted, and care packages from friends and loved ones back home really mean a lot. How to ship? The US Postal Service offers a reduced FPO/AE rate on their large flat rate box. For $12.95 you can mail up &hellip Continue reading »

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