An EGG-cellent Genetics Game

No yoke! Punnett Squares are a relatively easy way to study certain inherited traits.  This activity uses Punnett Squares to determine chicken plumage (feather) colors in certain populations.   For a downloadable Instructor Sheet, Student Instruction Sheet, and Worksheets, click here: PDF of this project   Chicken Plumage Genetics Game   This material has been &hellip Continue reading »

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Kid-Sized Geodesic Dome

What do you get when you combine: 1. A chance encounter with Straws of Enormous Size:   2. An awesome website, designed by a math teacher with a passion for angles:   3. Cheap labor:       4. A really HAPPY cat?               You get kids who know &hellip Continue reading »

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Explaining Plate Boundaries

There are three types of Plate Boundaries: 1) Convergent (Plates move apart) 2) Divergent (Plates move together) 3) Transform (Plates slide past each other) The first two are relatively easy to demonstrate, but transform boundaries can be confusing to students of all ages. There are many different models available, but I wanted one that was &hellip Continue reading »

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Acids and Bases: Red Cabbage pH indicator

The school year has started back up, and that means it might be time to start thinking about upcoming science fair projects. Don’t even think about building a Baking Soda/Vinegar Volcano.I’m not kidding.  Step. Away. From. The. Volcano. However, if you/your child is interested in acid and base reactions, this is a good first step &hellip Continue reading »

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Iron Man 2: Sammy The Silly (Putty) Seal

If you’re following along in our Iron Man series, you know that we still have most of the 5 pound bag of iron oxide powder (Fe3O4, or magnetite) we purchased off of Amazon.  It turns out that 5 pounds of iron oxide powder goes a long way. And it turns out that iron oxide powder &hellip Continue reading »

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Iron Man 1: “Reading” a magnetic strip

I like iron so much that I spent 2.5 years studying it in grad school, so when we started seeing experiments that utilized powdered magnetite (Fe3O4) I knew we had to come up with a series. That we created an entire “series” was necessary mostly to justify our Amazon purchase of 5-pounds of powdered magnetite. &hellip Continue reading »

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Eggmosis – Osmosis with Eggs

A 2-for-1 experiment; Day 1 is an Acid-Base Reaction, Day 2-3 is the Osmosis Portion. Though it covers 3 days, the entire time spent on the project is 15-45 minutes. DAY 1: Dissolving the shell 1) Place 4 eggs in a container, cover with white vinegar. 2) Add some “fresh” vinegar (or just replace with &hellip Continue reading »

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If the Box Fits: Camera Obscura

This idea came from the Best of Beakman’s World videos. Our son started watching them because I told him he wasn’t going to be sitting in front of the TV all summer. He negotiated: Even if it’s educational? What about Beakman’s World? And Liberty’s Kids? My counter: Okay, you can watch Beakman’s World, but you &hellip Continue reading »

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Whatever floats your boat!

Alternatively entitled, “1001 Uses for Old Taekwondo Boards, Use #1” Our son, like every other child in his Taekwondo class (so I hear), has an under-bed full of these boards. The sheer joy derived from breaking them evidently grants the boards immunity from ever being discarded. This leaves us with a lot of boards which, &hellip Continue reading »

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Peep Nests and Peep Science

  Peep Nests This use of Peeps is not so exciting nor so entertaining as the Dueling Peep Microwave Battle, but it’s probably more socially acceptable .   Tips: You can’t possibly use too much butter. Butter your hands, spoons, everything (EVERYTHING). This is going to be messy. While it’s important to work quickly, you &hellip Continue reading »

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