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Little Helpers

I think kids should help out in the kitchen as frequently as possible. In order to convince you that this is true and good, I’m sharing a picture of Bug.   Yes, she’s covered in flour. Yes, she has squished blueberries in her toes. Yes, I had to watch her so closely that the recipe &hellip Continue reading »

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Going Green (For St. Patrick’s Day)

Leprechauns invaded our home during the wee hours of the morning. They broke into my pantry, swiped my potatoes, and hid them throughout the house. The milk was green. My fresh-baked loaf of bread was green. Try eating a tuna salad sandwich on green bread. I dare you. Does anyone know of an earth-friendly, “green” &hellip Continue reading »

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Two-for-One Space Shuttle: Valentine Box and Monster Truck Piñata

Our nation’s farewell to the beloved space shuttle has been at the front of our minds this past few months, so it’s no wonder that when I asked our 2nd grader what type of Valentine’s Day box he wanted to decorate (thinking of the oatmeal-can rocket ship, or the ubiquitous construction paper-wrapped shoe box) he &hellip Continue reading »

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Fingerpainting with Pudding – Fun for the Bigs and the Littles

  It’s been harder to find activities that are fun for both of the kids – the one-year-old as well as the eight-year-old – but this fingerpainting activity kept them both busy for nearly an hour (and not just the kids – Jason had a blast playing with his new camera lens). Finger painting with &hellip Continue reading »

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