Kid-Sized Geodesic Dome

Posted by on May 13, 2014

What do you get when you combine:

1. A chance encounter with Straws of Enormous Size:

Seriously. These are 19.5 inches long. 495 mm.


2. An awesome website, designed by a math teacher with a passion for angles:

This is incredibly geek-tastic.


3. Cheap labor:

Plan ahead and color code.


Keep on keepin' on.


This ain't no hay-ride, l'il buddy. Back to work!


4. A really HAPPY cat?



Buying your kitty a condo is *so* yesterday.




Kitteh Dome


It's okay to love your geodesic dome, little kitty. Just don't *love* your geodesic dome.


You get kids who know the power.

What power? Power of triangles!

Who do? They do!

(I apologize).

Now I've got to watch Labyrinth.


Because it’s possible that you are wondering how we accomplished this incredible feat, this is how the straws were connected:


Paper clip connectors fit into straw perfectly. Mostly. Cute child in background bonus.

One Response to Kid-Sized Geodesic Dome

  1. Susan

    A most impressive project!
    Thank you for showing this – inspiring for our house building project in Class 3.

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