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Iron Man 2: Sammy The Silly (Putty) Seal

If you’re following along in our Iron Man series, you know that we still have most of the 5 pound bag of iron oxide powder (Fe3O4, or magnetite) we purchased off of Amazon.  It turns out that 5 pounds of iron oxide powder goes a long way. And it turns out that iron oxide powder &hellip Continue reading »

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How to turn your Prefolds into Fitteds

I just can’t do it – I can’t cut my blue-edge CPF’s. I really, really love my blue-edge CPF’s. CPF’s, for the uninitiated, are Chinese Pre Folded diapers. I just found out that I can’t even get these (exact) diapers anymore; Green Mountain Diapers shares that they’ve been discontinued. They’ve been so useful over the &hellip Continue reading »

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